We make cardigans.

Beautiful, lively, colourful, that suit everyone.

Cardigans that are warm for the winter and comfy for the summer.

Cardigans with real cashmere, that of Mongolia.

We fully respect the traditions of this noble fibre, treating it with the care that rules of excellence demand.

BE YOU offers a naturally elegant style, far from run-of-the-mill; a sense of pure, timeless beauty.

“I’ve never thought about changing women. In fact, I’ve always wanted my cardigans to make them feel themselves and also make them smile.

And it is precisely women's faces, their movements, glances and attitudes that inspire me to formulate shapes, colours and volumes.

These same glances I met as I crossed the endless expanses of Mongolia in 2008, when I made my first trip to the country that would change my life and give rise to the birth of BE YOU.”

Géraldine Alasio